Two New WhatsApp Features Will Be Released Soon, Can Mute Unknown Numbers


WhatsApp always provides new innovations to its messaging service by presenting new features to enhance its user experience. Well, there are two new features that are currently being worked on by WhatsApp and are expected to be released in the near future.

The first feature is called Silence Unknown Callers (mutes unknown calls), according to the WABetaInfo report, users will have the option to mute calls with unknown numbers.

WhatsApp Silence feature Unknown Callers. Photo: Doc. WABetaInfo

As the screenshots shared, when this application is officially launched, users can simply enter the settings to activate this feature. After activation, calls from unknown numbers will always be muted, but these calls will still be displayed in the call list and notification center. This feature is also useful for significantly reducing spam calls.

The second feature is Push name within the chat list, this feature was first introduced in WhatsApp Beta for Android and now there is an update for beta version

Fitur WhatsApp Push name within the chat list. Foto: Dok. WABetaInfo

As can be seen from the screenshots with this feature whenever the user receives a message from an unknown contact in the group chat, what appears is the name instead of the phone number in the chat list.

This change will of course make it easier for recipients to find out who an unknown contact is without having to save the number as a new contact and it is especially useful in large group chats where it is difficult to identify unknown group members.

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