Two of Evo’s sons left Bolivia and assure that they will arrive in Buenos Aires

The interim government of Bolivia reported today that the children of the deposed president Evo Morales left the country on a commercial flight, while two informational sites in La Paz assure that the final destination of the youth is the city of Buenos Aires.

The Minister of the Interim Government of Bolivia, Arturo Murillo, said on Twitter that Morales’ sons left the country “with all the assurances” and accompanied the message with a photo of the flight tickets.

In the tickets, you can see that the flight with Evaliz and Álvaro Morales left for Lima in the early hours of Saturday.

Below is a ticket for the luggage removal that marks the final destination of the trip to the Ezeiza airport.

However, no official source in Bolivia confirmed the Morales’ arrival in Buenos Aires or admitted that this is the final destination of the trip. “There is no information in this regard, at the moment,” Foreign Ministry sources indicated before Telam’s query on the situation of Evo Morales’ children.

“At the instructions of the president @JeanineAnez we gave all the assurances to the children of @evoespueblo to leave the country, this morning they boarded a plane from Latam. We take care of the family, the children do not respond for the crimes of the parents” (Sic), Murillo wrote.

Morales’ children were at the Mexican embassy in La Paz and had requested a safe conduct to leave the country, which was granted to them on Tuesday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The duty published this information under the title “Children of Evo Morales leave the country for Argentina”, while The reason indicated that the final destination is Buenos Aires.


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