News Two other deaths from coronavirus in Mar del Plata...

Two other deaths from coronavirus in Mar del Plata «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Two men who were hospitalized with coronavirus at the Hospital Interzonal General de Agudos died in the last hours in Mar del Plata.

One of them, 68, died yesterday, while the other, 50, died this Tuesday, health sources confirmed.

As reported in its daily report, the Interzonal Hospital has 41 patients hospitalized with coronavirus, of which three are in intensive care units. In addition, there are 14 suspects.

For its part, in the modular hospital there are 35 inpatients, 12 in intensive care and 23 in the general ward.

Of the 88 patients from both hospital centers studied in the last hours, 64 tested positive for Covid-19 and 24 negative.


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