Two ponies killed by a wolf, more attacks expected (video)

The Wolf Fencing Team calls on breeders to make their enclosures impervious to wolf attacks.

La Wolf Fencing Team warns of an upsurge in wolf attacks in Limburg and calls on breeders to strengthen their enclosures for this purpose, the newspaper Het Belang van Limburg reported on Monday and the information was confirmed by the cell at the Belga Agency. The Wolf Fencing Team – set up by the Natuurpunt, Natagora and WWF associations – was created to support breeders in their efforts to adapt their infrastructure.

The Wolf Fencing Team expects many wolf attacks in the future. “Our experience has taught us that this time is dangerous. Last year there were Cubs and there are new cubs this year. They demand more food, the parents go in search of easy prey and what could be simpler than a meadow in which the animals are not protected ”, explains Dirk Hoobergs, prevention advisor to the Wolf Fencing Team. “In fact, it’s already underway and it will last until the little ones can hunt on their own. Now it has to go fast and it is easier to take a sheep or a goat in a meadow. “

Two Shetland ponies perished under the fangs of a wolf in the night from Sunday to Monday in Meeuwen in the entity of Oudsbergen, continues Welkom Wolf. “As far as I know, this is the first attack on horses. We knew it was coming, ”says Jan Loos of Welkom Wolf.

The Wolf Fencing Team therefore calls on breeders to make their enclosures impermeable to wolf attacks. The team gives them advice and assists them with their grant applications while volunteers help them strengthen their fences. “The idea is to teach the wolf to keep away from the cattle by installing electric fences and the latter to concentrate on the game. In Limburg, for example, there are a lot of wild boars. “


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