Two Scenarios That Can Make Juventus Champion of the Italian League on Thursday All page – There are two scenarios that can realize the mission Juventus to immediately seal the title Italian League this season.

Victory in the Juventus vs match Lazio in the 34th week A league solidify the position of Cristiano Ronaldo et al at the top Italian League standings.

Two goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo ensure the victory of Juventus over Lazio with a score of 2-1 at the Allianz Stadium, Turin, Monday (7/20/2020) or Tuesday (7/21/2020) early morning hrs.

With the addition of three points from this match, Juventus are now more solid at the top of the Italian League standings with a collection of 80 points.

Now, the Old Lady is eight points ahead Inter Milan which is ranked second in the Italian League standings with 72 points.

Meanwhile, the distance between Inter Milan and Atalata and Lazio, which occupy the third and fourth place, is very close.

Atalanta is ranked third with 71 points, while Lazio is ranked fourth by collecting 71 points.

With that close distance, everything can still happen in the rest of the Italian League this season.

Nevertheless, there are two scenarios that can help Juventus to seal the Italian League title, the fastest on Thursday (07/23/2020) later.

In fact, Juventus only need four points to ensure the Italian League title this season.

With the addition of these four numbers, The Great Lady – the nickname of Juventus – will collect 84 points.

The number of points can only be equaled by Inter Milan if they win all the remaining matches in the Italian League this season.

Although the number of points the two clubs will be the same, Juventus will still be crowned champions of the Italian League because it is superior to a head-to-head record over Inter Milan.

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To get an additional four points, Juventus still need to go through two more matches in Serie A.

However, there are scenarios that can make Juventus celebrate the Italian League championship party faster, namely at the match of Week 35 or Thursday tomorrow.

In the match week 35, Thursday tomorrow, Juventus will challenge Udinese.

The day before, Wednesday (7/22/2020), Inter Milan were scheduled to host Fiorentina.

The title will be guaranteed by the Black-White Team with a win over Udinese and hope Inter fail to conquer Fiorentina.

If that scenario happens, Juventus will collect 83 points, while Inter Milan 72 points (if lost) or 73 (draw).

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With only three weeks left, Inter will no longer be able to overtake Juventus.

Indeed there are still Atalanta who have the opportunity to package 74 points if able to beat Bologna, Tuesday (07/21/2020).

The 83 Juventus Projection can only be equaled by La Dea in the remaining three parties, but will not shake the Bianconeri because of the head-to-head advantage (3-1, 2-2).

Actually, a draw could also bring the Bianconeri champions.

However, the calculation will be more complicated because they have to expect other conditions, namely Inter Milan lost, and Atalanta and Lazio failed to win. (Give Happy)

Two scenarios of Juventus to win the Italian League on Thursday (07/23/2020) later:

– Juventus wins (83 points projected), Inter Milan loses or draws (72-73).

– Juventus draw (81), Inter Milan lose (72), Atalanta lose or draw (71-72), Lazio lose or draw (69-70).


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