Two secret tunnels were found under the Corvin Department Store

One of these masonry flights started behind the former meat counter to the east, along Béla Somogyi Street, the end of which opened into the basement of the former Press House. Presumably, this flight was established in 1951 on behalf of the Lapkiadó and Hírlapkiadó Company, according to the plans of László Lux. Index adding: the function of the flight could be to transport hundreds of kilos of paper rolls from the warehouse under the store to the Szikra printing house, which was then the only base for the People’s Freedom and the Free People’s editorial office, without any problems or inconspicuousness. The tunnel is now truncated, dead-end-like. During the demolition of the Press House in 2005, the new owner, ABLON, demolished the exit of their part to form the western foundation wall of the Europeum shopping center on the site.

The other buried flight was found in the southwest corner of the store. This once ramp-like tunnel ran south across the width of Stáhly Street, ending in the basement of tenement house No. 15. According to Olivér Balogh, head of the company that renovates the façade of the Corvin Department Store, this flight may have been made during the construction of the Corvin, with the aim of allowing construction workers recruited from the countryside to get to the construction site without any problems. The real estate developer sees that the tenement house built by Ferenc Jelinek, which was handed over in 1904, could have functioned as a workers’ residence at that time, although it is contradicted that architect Gyula Fodor also designed bathrooms and maidens for all the houses in the house. The exact answer is yet to come, but the fact of the buried tunnel is certain, they add.

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The paper will eventually cover the fact that the former Corvin Department Store will continue its “career” as an office building. However, the people of Budapest do not have to give up the inner sight of the monument. Spar will reopen on the ground floor, albeit on a smaller floor, and cafés, commercial units and a fitness room will move in again on the ground floor. With a higher quality of service, the upstairs terrace will also be open to the public again, where a skybar-like bistro is to be built. The real estate development company also plans to showcase the intellectual and material legacy of the former Apollo Cinema and film director Michael Curtiz in some form. The Corvin will open in the spring of 2023.

Opening image: MTVA / Commissioner: László Róka

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