Two steps away from his father, the car waded to death the one-and-a-half-year-old boy in Kisberény

With the help of a psychiatrist, he tries to process the tragedy, but even after three years, only 63-year-old John, whose little son died in the hands of a postman, can fall asleep with medication.

The tragedy took place in Kisberény, Somogy county, in October 2018 – recalls the Glance. The postman brought a letter by car to John, who walked over to the other side of the car and picked up the parcel through the window on the driver’s side. However, the loophole remained open, and the little boy playing in the yard ran after his father in a fraction of a second.

He was just driving in front of the car when its driver suddenly trampled on the gas. The little boy drove through the mail car, the child died in his father’s arms. The terrible tragedy was recorded throughout by a camera mounted on the family house.

The expert found that the driver should have seen the child and the father should have made sure his son could not escape. The prosecution also requested a suspended prison for the postman and John.

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