Two US F-35B stealth fighter jets damaged by lightning in Japan


OKINAWA – Two planes F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter jet A sophisticated United States (US) device was damaged after being struck by lightning in the sky of Makurazaki in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

Both planes, assigned to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Iwakuni, landed safely after the lightning strike and no pilot was injured.

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The incident occurred during a routine flight on July 13. This was conveyed by a spokesman for the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, Major Ken Kunze in a statement email to Stars and Stripes.

A pair of F-35Bs, capable of short takeoffs and vertical landings, were on their way to Okinawa when they were struck by lightning.

Kunze said the incident was considered a Class A accident as the projected combined repair costs were estimated to exceed $2.5 million.

For your information, Class A accidents involve repair costs in excess of $2 million or the death or permanent disability of a service member.

“We are currently conducting an investigation into the crash and will incorporate the lessons learned into future flight operations,” Kunze said.

“The safe operation of our aircraft and the readiness of our squadrons are critical to us continuing to support our allies, partners and joint forces in the region.”, yesterday.


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