Two years in prison for a mother residing in Barcelona for the genital mutilation of her daughter during a trip to Gambia

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The mother accused of the genital mutilation of her daughter has agreed this Tuesday with the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court a sentence of two years in prison. Initially, the Public Ministry requested 10 years in prison for her and her father. With the agreement in which the woman recognizes the facts, the accusation against her father is dropped and she will not have to effectively go to prison, as the sentence does not exceed the two-year barrier.

To make it possible to reduce Fatou JD’s sentence, the Prosecutor’s Office has applied the mitigating circumstances of delays in the processing of the case and confession. As for the father, Yusupha DD, the assumption is accepted that he was not in charge of his daughter and was unaware of what happened. The pact includes that both maintain parental rights.

The events occurred in 2015 in Gambia, during a trip that the family, residing in Catalonia, made to their native country. The girl, who was one and a half years old at the time, was left in the care of her grandmother.

“The defendants asked one of their relatives, of unknown identity, to perform grade III genital mutilation on the minor (known as “infibulation or pharaonic circumscription”), consisting of the total removal of the clitoris and the labia majora and minora. , leaving only a narrow opening for urine; genital excision that was performed on the minor clandestinely on an unspecified date in September 2015, outside a health facility,” explains the Prosecutor’s indictment.

What happened was detected in 2021 in a medical check-up in Rubí (Barcelona), after which social services alerted residents of the situation. Mossos d’Esquadra.

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