Type 2 Diabetes: These Cheap Foods Can Lower High Blood Sugar Quickly

ISU BOGOR – Type 2 diabetes only becomes a problem if steps are not taken to lower levels blood sugar the highest.

Blood sugar is the main type of sugar found in the blood and it is normally regulated by insulin.

However, this mechanism does not work well if you suffer diabetes type 2.

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Fortunately, you can slow the rise blood sugar and stabilize it by making sensible dietary decisions.

Reported from Express on Thursday, January 13, 2022, it turns out peanut as food inexpensive can be a superior material to reduce blood sugar.

“Worldwide, peanut-beans and rice are usually consumed together as food. With increasing diabetes type 2.

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“The effects of this traditional dietary pattern on the glycemic response have not been fully studied,” the researchers wrote in a study published in the Nutrition Journal.


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