Types of Forces and Their Explanations: Earth’s Gravity Force, Magnetic Force, and Friction


Various styles, one of which is friction.

Bobo.id – Do your friends know about style?

Although invisible, style widely used in life. For example, the use of tires in cars.

In KBBI, style is defined as a push or pull that can affect the state of an object.

Style can cause an object to move and can move.

Well, in development. Style divided into three types, namely the earth’s gravitational force, magnetic force, and frictional force.

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This is the full explanation.

1. Style Earth’s Gravity

Earth has style own gravity. This is what causes objects that are thrown up will fall down.

But for the speed, each object will have a different speed. Some are fast and some are slow.

The reason, because it is influenced by the weight, shape, height, and size of certain objects.


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