Types of Microsoft Teams applications to improve corporate communication

We’ve all heard of the potential for Microsoft Teams for corporate communication and collaboration between team members, pI was there are multiple functionalities, integrations and applications practices what allow express yet plus your performance. Depending on its nature, we can distinguish several ttypes of applications:

Emessage extensionslaugh: amplíto Teams capabilities

The extensions at Microsoft Teams they contribute a Big number of functionalities that maximize performance of this tool.

These extensions It cann integrate in the bar from the side menu or in the equipment or chat. Default yes to some appear fixed, but pyou can add how many whatieras. In the same way,anclar from the menu or uninstall.

There are multiple utilities for extensions, but one of the most interesting options it offers Teams is combine them with automated Power Automate workflows. In this way, for example, from a selected message in a chat Teams can order to be to cree A homework automatically in Planner (app of planning of tasks).

Eyelashes: all the information at your fingertips

In groups or teams there is the option of creating tabs in different formats to present information that can be shared and anchor available for alltwo team members.

Thanks to this option you can embed an application Microsoft 365 or third-party applications, a document, text files … inside of own interface of Teams. This allows for repositories of key information for a specific team in an agile way.

In the tabs you can embed Microsoft apps but also a website, what we opens up a world of possibilities in which we can integrate the services we use the most in our day to day: image banks, URL shorteners, file transfer websites, data query pages

Connectors: adapt it your way

Connectors are applications that collect and deliver information directly of a channel to a team so everyone can seea.

Plets connect with Bing news, weather updates, tweets from a particular hashtag, or new GitHub reruns. So pyou will hear centralize your interests and be aware of the latest information.

Bots: facilitate your daily management

Microsoft Teams comes equipped with a wide setnto de bots what they take care of perform tasks autonomously tales withO schedule meetings, remembertories, check availability respond to processes...

The bots, unlike the other members and companions, the ryou will recognize why its icon chat is hexagonal instead of a circle. Further, the bots they always appear online.

Some of the bots best known within the Microsoft environment Teams son:

  • Who-bot, which allows us to quickly locate the team members we need.
  • Calendar-bot, who is in charge of scheduling a meeting findsndo one day and a free time between everyone members’ calendars.

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