U-turn at Edon Zhegrova and van Wolfswinkel’s whereabouts?

The corona crisis is shaking up football and the transfer market. FC Basel could now keep some of its players with expiring contracts. Loan player Edon Zhegrova is said not to have spoken the last word yet. And Ricky van Wolfswinkel could stay too.

FCB decided not to activate the purchase option at Edon Zhegrova at the end of March. The Bebbi should have put down 3.5 million francs. They waived. The advisor to the Kosovar subsequently announced that the attacker could not remain in Basel. Apparently a back door could open now. According to “Blick”, FCB will wait for the further course of the season and above all the decision about the possible continuation of the league, which will fall on May 29, and then plan. Another discussion is planned with the Zhegrova consultant. The 21-year-old should actually go back to Belgium at the end of the season, where he is under contract with KRC Genk. There should also be interest from the Premier League and Ligue 1. However, the lively striker’s long-term commitment to FCB does not yet want to be written off completely.

Extension with Van Wolfswinkel?

Ricky van Wolfswinkel, who missed almost the entire season due to an aneurysm in the brain, could also be held. A contract extension should no longer be excluded. The 31-year-old is extremely popular with fans and in the team and could be built up as an identification figure.

Cabral gets expensive

At Arthur Cabral, the FCB would probably have to put 4 million francs to keep the Brazilian beyond the end of the season. A sum that currently seems difficult to manage. There should also be interest from Stade Rennes. Even with the 22-year-old, FCB has not yet written off hope of a longer-term commitment after a strong season.

It still takes patience to be able to carry out the final planning. It is still unclear whether the players who are only tied until the end of June will stay in Basel beyond that if the Super League continues.

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