U19-Bundesliga: FC Schalke 04 – BVB LIVE on TV and Stream


The fight for the German championship in the Bundesliga U19 is open.

Arrives in the semifinals to a real Kracherduell. In the Niederrhein stadium in Oberhausen, Schalke 04 receives unloved rivals Borussia Dortmund (A-junior Bundesliga: FC Schalke 04 – Borussia Dortmund, from 18.10 clock LIVE on TV on SPORT1 and LIVESTREAM) for the first leg.

As the most powerful squadron of the last three seasons, the Bundesliga West has again received two starting positions for the semifinals this year. Already last year both teams were in the round of the last four. While the BVB defeated the title of defending champion in the semi-final against Hertha BSC, Schalke reached the final after the victory over Hoffenheim. There, however, the capital also had to be defeated.

Schalke overtakes BVB only in the last day

In the main round on the left in the direct duel in both cases the away team was the winner as in the final bill, the Royal Blues pushed up to the last day with a single point ahead of black and yellow. While Schalke defeated the BVB 1-0, he won the first leg confidently with 4: 1. The man of the day was Edin Aydinel, author of a hat-trick in just nine minutes.

With 17 goals this season, the Turkish junior national player is his team's top scorer and the second best scorer in the West. More recently, he has remained in five straight games without own goals. For the long injured Paul-Philipp Besong found the best in the season final and scored four goals in five games.

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However, the biggest star of the duel is Ahmed Kutucu. The striker comes to 16 games this season in Schalke's professional team, where he scored three goals and a model. In the A-Junior Bundesliga are also 15 goals in 15 games to be booked.

Then you can follow the semi-final of U19 of FC Schalke 04 – against Borussia Dortmund LIVE:

Stream: SPORT1

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