UAE: Skype block


The authorities of the UAE have blocked the application of the famous Skype conversation throughout the country in a move that has sparked a wave of criticism in social networks.

The news was officially released by the company "Skype" America, a subsidiary of the giant "Microsoft", while many of the citizens and residents of the resentment of the United Arab Emirates of the last step.

Commenting on the ban, Etisalat, the leading provider of telecommunications services in the United Arab Emirates, said: "The VoIP service (Unlicensed voice over IP) falls into the category of prohibited content, according to the UAE regulatory framework."

In addition, the UAE authorities added that the unauthorized entry on the IP service could pose risks of piracy, deception and privacy threat.

Many residents of the UAE have expressed regret over the recent decision, which considered it a disruptive step for business and business in the country, as well as a difficult communication with relatives and friends of residents living outside the UAE.

In a related context, some speculated that Skype was banned in order to support a competing local application, called Botim, that users had to pay a registration fee for use. Suppliers have encouraged residents to use Botim, Skype ".

Skype was previously blocked twice in the United Arab Emirates, one in January last year and the other in 2017. Watsab Cool, Viper and FaceTime are banned there.

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