UAZ "Profi" is shown in the updated version – RIA "VistaNews"


The Ulyanovsk automobile plant was informed about the upgrade of the UAZ Profi truck. The car was free of the flaws that occurred in its predecessor.

The Ulyanovsk machine builders in the upgraded UAZ "Profi" used thickened springs and an anti-roll bar. This solution allowed us to strengthen the rear suspension of the car.

For the updated UAZ cabin "Profi" provides better sound insulation. In addition, the car received handrails to facilitate the landing in it.

The one-row rear-wheel drive UAZ "Profi" with the upgrade received a double passenger seat with armrest. In addition, the car was equipped with a spoiler, fairing to improve its aerodynamic characteristics to reduce fuel consumption. For an additional cost, cars can be purchased with the cruise control system.

Recall that the current version of the UAZ "Profi" is equipped with both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, as well as single and double row cabins. The model is offered by loading platforms of different sizes. In addition, the car serves as a platform for a variety of special vehicles. The truck is sold with a 145 hp outboard motor. at a price of 774 900 rubles.



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