UAZ released a serial dump truck based on the Loaf and was about to “kill” the Gazelle

Just 60 years later than the original.

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant does not slow down the pace set from the end of last year. UAZ, apparently, decided to seriously return to the “big game”, not otherwise explain the latest decisions regarding its popular and not so models.

UAZ “Patriot” received an automatic transmission, UAZ “Hunter” became expeditionary, on the basis of UAZ “Loafs” they plan to produce a full-fledged tourist camper and a compact residential complex – AvtoVAZ did not even dream of such a variety at all, because it is not surprising that at the end March Ulyanovsk decided to please the audience with another surprise. Interestingly, the Loaf was used again, and to be more precise, its cargo modification in the person of UAZ-3303, which bears the separate nickname “Tadpole”.

Apparently, UAZ was going to “kill” competitors one at a time, this time it came to the Gazelle. The Russian light truck has no competitors in our market, because the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant has produced a serial dump truck based on the UAZ Bukhanka. The fact that another model appeared in the range of the car factory testifies to the serious mood of the Russian brand, so the coming months will certainly be extremely interesting from the point of view of the “struggle” between the two manufacturers for the commercial segment.

The dump truck with a load capacity of one ton is equipped with a standard platform with dimensions of 2680×1670 mm, but at the same time, sheet steel now covers the floor of the platform. But the adjustment of the tilt angle of the body will the hydraulic cylinder from Italy, which will fix the cargo platform in 4 positions. The only minus is that under the hood of the converted UAZ “Loaf” there will be the same 112 hp engine, and a non-alternative “mechanics” will be offered as a transmission.

Interestingly, UAZ already produced an original small-sized dump truck 60 years ago, but the project never reached serial production, because UAZ Bukhanka in such a modification symbolizes such a return to the roots in the USSR. The cost of the potential “killer” of the Gazelle will be 940,000 rubles.

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