Uber is also starting to offer flight booking in the UK

The ride-sharing service provider Uber has announced a new service for customers in the UK – using the Uber app, customers can book domestic and also international flights. Uber wants to offer this option in the wider region as well. How to talk to Financial Times said Andrew Bram, Uber’s UK manager, that this is the latest and also the most ambitious step in Uber’s efforts to become a wider travel booking platform.

Already last spring, the company announced plans to offer the ability to book train, bus and plane tickets in the Uber app. The first two options were added a few months later, and Bram says that train ticket booking has been very popular, with the company seeing huge growth, although he did not disclose exact numbers.

Uber will partner with travel booking agency Hopper to book flights. Medium Financial Times reports that Uber will receive a small commission from each booking, while an additional booking fee may be added in the future. However, it is not known exactly how much of the share Uber will get. In this way, it is stated, Uber hopes to increase demand for its ride-sharing services – if a person books a flight on the Uber app, then the company hopes that this person will use Uber services to get to and from the airport.

Britain is currently serving as a bit of a testing ground to test the functionality of the system. Uber wants to offer this service more widely and in other countries, but for now the company does not have very specific plans when and where it will be done.

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