Uber shuts down its Apple Watch app

Uber has closed its online application for Apple smartwatches, and the services of the private carrier can now be used through these hours.

And according to the “The Verge” website, which specializes in technology news, now whoever enters the Uber application through any of the versions of the Apple Watch, an instructive message will appear, by moving to the version of the application designated for phones.

And Uber has attached a letter of apology to its customers who were affected in any way by stopping the activation of its electronic application on Apple Watches.

However, the Uber app for the Apple Watch is still available on the Apple App Store.

According to the American website specialized in technology news, a source from Uber stated that stopping the activation of the Uber application for Apple smartwatches, due to poor use, compared to the version of the application dedicated to smart phones and available for all versions of iPhone phones.

Apple Watch and the problem of freezing apps

And in the past weeks, users of Apple smartwatches have been noticing that the watch has frozen apps on the screen when trying to open it.

The result is that the app either freezes for download, won’t open, stays stuck on the screen, or completely crashes.

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