Ubisoft launches ‘Mario + Rabbid, Shining Hope’ on October 20th

Ubisoft Entertainment announced that its cooperative strategy RPG game ‘Mario + Rabbid® Shining Hope’ will be exclusively released on Nintendo Switch™ on October 20th.

Mario+Rabbid® Glittering Hope features a unique storyline and unique gameplay that combines turn-based tactics with real-time action. It will provide a gaming experience.

Mario + Rabbids® Glittering Hope features nine heroes, each with their own unique traits: the cheerful Mario, the sociable Rabbid Peach, and the cultured Rabbid Rosalina. You will be tasked with exploring planets and saving the galaxy.

In particular, all the heroes in the game have their own special abilities such as dashing to the enemy, team jumping, and hiding, so various tactical combinations are possible. Ubisoft plans to raise expectations for the release by sequentially revealing the heroes and unique abilities that appear in the game.

Players can develop their own heroes and customize them to suit their personal tastes. In addition, you can collect ‘Sparky’ with mysterious and powerful powers and use their special abilities and powers to defeat enemies and unlock new abilities of heroes.

Ubisoft plans to release various news related to the game sequentially until the official release date of Mario + Rabbid® Shining Hope. The first news is that legendary Japanese composer Yoko Shimomura, multi-award-winning Gareth Coker, and British video game composer Grant Kirkhope will be officially working on the soundtrack. said.

Mario + Rabbid® Glittering Hope is only available on Nintendo Switch™ and will be released in three editions: Standard, Galactic and Gold. Mario + Rabbid® Shining Hope is currently on pre-order, and more details about the game can be found on the official website.

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