Ubisoft Montreal Studios Sale Event Launches “Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age”, “Polar War Howling 5” and other special offers-Bahamut

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To remind you, Canada has many great things, one of which is Ubisoft Montreal Studio. Since its establishment in 1997, Ubisoft Montreal Studios has been the driving force behind Ubisoft’s most popular games. Starting today, you can start these games at super discount prices.

Want to create a little more chaos in a modern setting? We offer a discount that Baozhun will make you roar with joy in your heart! buy It Now”Polar War Howl 5“with”Polar War Howl: Breaking Dawn》Enjoy a 20% discount and a 2.5% discount respectively! Maybe you prefer to compete with other players? “For Honor“We are fully prepared to show you who is the strongest fighter in the world: 25% off the main game, and 25% off the expanded content of Marching Flame.

  《Rainbow Six: Siege Operation“The operators are also waiting for you to join this squad tactical shooting game to play offensive and defensive roles. Now you can easily get started at a discounted price of 33%. Finally, it seems that DedSec has hacked into the Ubisoft Store and will “Watchdog 2“The price is down to 20% off. based on”Watchdog 2“The beloved “Wrench” will be added to the “Watch Dogs: Freedom Legion“Now is definitely the best time to start. The Ubisoft Montreal Studio Sale will continue until April 21st.


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