Ubisoft will try to emulate the success of “Fortnite” or PUGB with its own title of ‘battle royale’, “Hyper Scape”, which will be released on August 11 for Ps4, Xbox One and PC, although it has already been several weeks in phase beta for computers.

The game is free -in free-to-play mode- and comes with a hundred-level battle pass. Its first season, which has been dubbed “The First Beginning”, according to a note from Ubisfot.

“Hyper Scape” is a first-person shooter with an urban background that takes place in the year 2054. Up to 100 contestants come to the virtual city of Neo Arcadia to participate in very fast games in which only one player is crowned champion.

Hyper Scape, which has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with Ubisoft Barcelona and 4 other company studios



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