UCAM president lashes out at Gates and Soros for covid vaccine

The president of the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), Jose Luis Mendoza, it also points to the conspiracy theory about the covid-19 vaccine and charges against Bill Gates, billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, and tycoon George Soros, those who come to link the devil.

“They want to control us when the vaccine is announced with a chip to each one of us to control our freedom, but what have they believed, slaves and servants of Satan! Do not be afraid of them! “, He proclaims at the ceremony of Saint Anthony of Padua.

“The dark forces of evil, in each generation the antichrist appears, and those who serve them, with great power, wanting to usurp the name of God […] Why is the coronavirus already announced at the London Olympics? Those images of the coffins, why did Bill Gates, Soros, announce years ago that the coronavirus was coming? How did this come about? For what reason? “He wonders.

Very close to PP and of deep religious beliefs, he also member of the Spanish Olympic Committee He is the head of this private Catholic university created in 1996 and which teaches 19,000 students. The president of UCAM is one of the most important people in the Region and is part of the Civil Order of Alfonso X el Sabio, a recognition that was granted in 2016 under the Government of Mariano Rajoy.

After his words, Mendoza thus joins the theses of the singers Miguel Bosé and Enrique Bunbury and Cardinal Archbishop of Valencia, Antonio Cañizares, who are raising the fight against a vaccine that does not yet exist and, according to their conspiracy theories, aims to achieve “global dominance” of the population through the use of microchips, nanorobots, toxic metals and a connection to the 5G telephone network. These are the ingredients of a “global plot” in which they would participate from GAVI (the International Alliance for Vaccination, an entity created to guarantee equitable access to these medicines) to governments, pharmaceutical companies and NGOs such as Bill Gates’.

This implausible story has been denied point by point, criticized by multiple experts and even removed from platforms such as Facebook.


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