Udder health and genetics: how high do you set the bar?

How satisfied are you with the genetic predisposition for healthy udders of your cows? Complete the survey and receive a free cow halter.

Every dairy farmer has a cow (family) that systematically scores better on udder health. Never mastitis, never an increased cell count. And you want a stable full of that. The difference with equal management lies in the genetic predisposition of the animals.

Genomic selection for healthy udders

Mastitis and a high somatic cell count are two traits on which you can make visible progress through breeding within a few years. By genomic testing heifer calves for udder health characteristics at a young age, you know where their strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to their predisposition for healthy udders. This way you can select early, adjust your management if necessary and make targeted pairings. The result is a healthier herd and a higher yield.

What do you think of the genetic predisposition for udder health on your farm? And what do you expect from your vet when it comes to managing healthy udders using genetics?

We are interested in your opinion. Complete the survey below and receive a free cow halter.

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