UEFA canceled disciplinary proceedings against a trio of super-league clubs at the request of the court

Jennifer Lorenzini, Reuters

A Madrid court first called on the European federation to suspend disciplinary proceedings in June, and last week gave it five days to cancel proceedings against super-league clubs. “The UEFA Board of Appeal declared the proceedings invalid and annulled as if they had not been initiated at all,” UEFA said on Monday evening.

The European Football Union wanted to punish 12 European big clubs, which announced the establishment of a separate super league in April this year. The project did not last even 48 hours after the announcement, after the English six Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United and Manchester City resigned from it under pressure from their own fans and the government. They were soon followed by the other three founding clubs AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atl├ętico Madrid.

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The nine clubs have agreed in a settlement with UEFA to give up five percent of the prize money from one cup season. Together, they were also to pay as a “gesture of goodwill” 15 million euros (381 million crowns) to travel to youth and amateur football. Even these sanctions will not be required by UEFA now.

“UEFA has informed the nine clubs that due to the ongoing court proceedings in Madrid and to avoid unnecessary complications, UEFA will not demand the payment that the clubs proposed in their statement in May,” said representatives of the European federation.

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However, UEFA, whose Champions League was threatened by the Super League project, is not giving up its efforts to punish the remaining trio of clubs. Its lawyers appealed against the Commercial Court’s decision and at the same time initiated the judge’s appeal from this case. At the same time, UEFA is counting on the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg to prove it in a dispute with three rebel clubs.


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