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Original title:European League-De Bruyne shot Batshuayi to score Belgium 2-1 Wales

At 2:45 a.m. on September 23, Beijing time, in the fifth round of Group A4 of the UEFA Nations League, Belgium played against Wales at home. In the first half, Batshuayi and De Bruyne passed each other and scored, and Belgium led 2-0 at halftime; in the second half, Wales pulled one back from Moore, and finally Belgium won 2-1 at home and won two consecutive victories in the UEFA Nations League.

Game start,In the 10th minute, Belgium took the lead to score! Batshuayi crossed from the right with a chance to counterattack, De Bruyne followed up and kicked the goal directly, and the ball rolled into the dead corner! Belgium lead 1-0.

In the 15th minute, Batshuayi received a long pass from the backcourt and hit the goal from a small angle on the right, which was enriched by the defensive players. In the 18th minute, Hazard sent an oblique pass from the midfield, and De Bruyne’s long-range shot from the outside of the penalty area was a little higher. In the 21st minute, Belgium got another chance to counterattack. De Bruyne got the ball from the left and hit the goal and was blocked by the defender.

In the 26th minute, Hazard sent a through ball from the left. De Bruyne followed up and shot low from a small angle in the penalty area. The ball hit the post and popped out. In the 30th minute, De Bruyne sent a pick pass, and Batshuayi followed up and got the ball in the middle of the penalty area and was destroyed in advance. In the 34th minute, Hazard got the ball from the penalty area on the left and cut inside to attack the goal. The ball went wide.

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In the 37th minute, Belgium scored again! De Bruyne took the oblique ball from the right and swayed it to the front of the goal. Batshuayi followed up and shot an empty goal, Belgium 2-0 Wales!

In the 40th minute, Wales got consecutive offensive opportunities, but Moore and Johnson’s attacks were both resolved by Courtois. In the 43rd minute, Belgium had a chance to counterattack. De Bruyne took a pass from Tielemans on the right and inserted a low shot facing the goalkeeper. The ball slid past.

At the end of the half, Belgium temporarily led Wales 2-0 at home.

The second half begins,In the 50th minute, Wales pulled one back! Johnson got the ball from the right and made a cross, Moore jumped high and scored with a header, Wales 1-2 Belgium!

In the 60th minute, Belgium got a free kick, and De Bruyne made a short pass to Hazard, who missed a shot at Tielemans. In the 63rd minute, Wales made a substitution adjustment. Bell came on the bench to replace Moore, and then Belgian Hazard, Carrasco and Batshuayi were all substituted. In the 68th minute, Daniel James crossed the penalty area from the left, and Bell’s follow-up attack did not hit the target.

In the 77th minute, De Bruyne received a pass from Meunier in the penalty area and was brought down by 16. The referee first awarded a penalty kick, but after var confirmed that the penalty kick was cancelled, Bell got a yellow card in a dispute with the referee during this period. In the 84th minute, Williams headed the ball from the right, and Johnson’s follow-up shot was blocked. In the 88th minute, Van Naken received a long shot from De Bruyne’s diagonal pass that went wide, and then Wales counterattacked, and Johnson’s cross from the right was taken in advance by Courtois.

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At the end of the game, Belgium finally defeated Wales 2-1 and won two consecutive victories in the UEFA Nations League.

Lineups for both teams:

Belgium: 1- Courtois, 2-Alderweireld, 4-De Bast, 5-Vertonghen, 15-Meunier, 8-Tielemans (20-Van in the 75th minute) Naken), 6-Witsel, 11-Carrasco (14-Mertens in the 65th minute), 7-De Bruyne (16-Dequet Lare in the 91st minute), 10-Hazard ( In the 65th minute, 17-Trossard), 23-Bashhuayi (9-Openda in the 65th minute)

Wales: 1-Hennessy, 3-Williams, 5-Mefim, 6-Roden, 17-Davis (10-Roberts in the 83rd minute), 14-Roberts, 15-Ampa Du, 8-Smith (16-Morrell in the 63rd minute), 20-Daniel James, 9-Johnson, 13-Moore (11-Bell in the 63rd minute)

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