UFO warning shots: "Also possible at Lufthansa at any time"


Yesterday it was said that only Sunday Eurowings and three other daughters of Lufthansa would strike. Now UFO threatens again with warnings about the main brand. Paying claims is only superficially.

The UFO union threatens to extend the warning strikes scheduled for Sunday morning at four Lufthansa branches to the parent company. The reason is that Lufthansa has rejected the new UFO requests for more salary negotiations on Friday night in just one hour in writing. "The strikes at Lufthansa are again possible at any time," said Daniel Flohr, vice president of UFO. "Lufthansa wants to deliberately provoke us."

Lufthansa confirmed the existence of the letter in which union employers' air traffic communicated to the union on Friday: "Because of your lack of ability to complete a diploma, it is still not possible to talk to you".

The UFO had canceled Sunday's warning strike against Lufthansa's main company on Friday with little warning after Lufthansa had announced voluntary pay increases of two percent for the main brand's cabin crew. Immediately afterwards, UFO pushed for further tariff requests, which Lufthansa immediately rejected with the letter.

Eurowings: "Complete flight program"

More details on when it might be hit in Lufthansa, UFO no. However, it is clear when it hits the four daughters Eurowings, Germanwings, Lufthansa Cityline and SunExpress. The cabin crew is called for the Sunday strike warning – from 5 to 11 clock. According to UFO data, 340 machines should be affected.

Eurowings, on the other hand, points out on its website that it is expected that it will be able to "maintain the entire flight schedule during the strike period". If you have booked a flight with one of the interested airlines, in any case you should inform the airline in good time before departure if it occurs.

Airports have limited impact

Several airports assume that customers will hardly notice the effects of the warning attack: at the Frankfurt airport, a spokesman for the dpa news agency said: "We still have the signal from our system partner Lufthansa who believe that there are no relevant effects will fly ". If necessary, the airport will provide its own support staff and passengers in the airport building.

Also in Dusseldorf, a spokesman for the airport said: "After consulting with the airlines, we continue to believe that all flights take place".

It is unlikely that the airports of Münster-Osnabrück and Dortmund have a direct impact, as the flights of the respective Lufthansa branches start outside the strike window. At Stuttgart Airport, Lufthansa reaffirmed its inability to cancel any flight of its daughters called for a strike.

UFO internal noise

Behind the labor dispute is a bitter dispute between UFOs and Lufthansa: employers and the union have been postponed for months in court. At the UFO, the entire table resigned in the spring after an internal row.

Meanwhile, a new council was established and registered in the register of associations after legal disputes. Lufthansa complains that the UFO leadership was not elected by statute and refuses to accept the resolution of collective bargaining agreements and to enter into negotiations.

Inforadio reported on this subject on 19 October 2019 at 13:44.



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