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Following numerous vape-related deaths, the Trump administration has begun to take measures to regulate electronic cigarettes, preparing the ban on flavored electronic cigarettes. It should be noted that Flavored nicotine electronic cigarettes they have not caused the growing number of cases of lung diseases that has been in the news. However, regulations on flavored electronic cigarettes could have a significant impact on public health, particularly on university campuses. According to National Institute of Drug Abuse, Electronic cigarettes are the most common form of tobacco used by young people, highlighting the importance of vaping among young people and those who will enter college in the near future.

In light of the new restrictions, The Red & Black asked the students of the University of Georgia if they thought the new federal government policies would improve public health.

Miles Jordan is a fifth-year computer science degree.

"I think, in general, yes [they will improve public health]. I think electronic cigarettes are probably just another way that Big Tobacco can reach the public. Stuff like vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are commonly distributed in high schools and things like that, so I think it's good that they are putting rules in this regard. "

Rhea Dhamapurkar is a junior biology and major double psychology.

"I think it is [a good idea] because a lot of research has been done on electronic cigarettes and vape and how harmful it is … c & # 39; was an article about … a teenager who really died because he created a Brain disease in him and he died from it. So there are clearly many detrimental effects on vape health, and I really feel like the government is more involved, then it would cause fewer people to become addicted and cause less deaths and illness. "

Maggie Collette is a junior sociology and women's studies are the double most.

"I think it's good … in a way it went out of control. I guess somehow you come back if you can choose your health, in a sense. But I think it's good."

Josh Yao is a senior financial executive.

"I certainly think [it's a good idea] … I do vape, but I think there are certainly more boundaries and rules about how things are shown …" Maybe a couple of years ago there was a store vaporizers right in the middle of it, and you would only actively see people smoking and it's just like inside a public area. And they also proposed these different flavors that attract teenagers. And, you know, there are things like Fruit Loops, gummy worms, things like that. "

Holly Stewart is a second-year marketing specialist.

"I think it's a good idea, although I think it's important to preserve your freedom of choice. However, I think that above all, the government should focus on awareness of it. I think they should do more to make people more aware, to make them less fashionable. "



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