UK Fuel Crisis Fuels Electric Car Sales

“September was the best month ever in terms of electric vehicle sales. In fact, we sold as many electric vehicles in September as in the entire year of 2019,” CEO Mike Hawes revealed at a press conference.

The official said that this performance is a consequence of the queues registered at gas stations in September, when many gas stations were forced to close due to a shortage of tanker drivers.

“Dealers said that interest in electric vehicles has increased three, four or five times in recent weeks, and this can be seen in the lines” created by motorists at gas stations, he added.

Hawes reiterated the need for significant investments in public infrastructure, especially for those who do not have private parking with a dedicated charging point.

“We need to help all consumers make this transition,” he argued.

The president of SMMT admitted that more developed countries like the United Kingdom will have to move more quickly towards the electrification of transport and end of combustion engines taking into account the targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are aware of the fact that markets are advancing at different paces, but the world industry has committed to increasing ‘decarbonisation’ between the late 2030s and 2040s,” he said.

Mike Hawes was speaking ahead of the opening of the Automobile Trade Conference, where a report was published on the performance and future of the sector, heavily affected by the ‘Brexit’, covid-19 pandemic, semiconductor and labor shortages.

In 2020, revenues fell 26% to 74 billion pounds (87 billion euros), of which 27 billion pounds (32 billion euros) were generated by exports.

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More than 80% of the cars built in the UK are destined for export, representing around 11% of all manufactured goods exported by the country.

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