UK, report shocks experts. Covid infected: 89% are vaccinated

The British Ministry of Health has published a report dated 20 August 2021 on its official website and who makes a briefing on the period 1 February 15 August 2021. Experts are questioning the report, intent on understanding the reasons, after the massive national vaccination campaign.

In the country, 89% of people infected with Covid were vaccinated against the virus. The other 11% relates to unvaccinated people. The Delta variant, dominant in the UK, has infected 386,735 subjects of which 337,834 with an age below 50 and 48,264 with an age above 50.

Speaking of the over 50s, 48,264 are those who, even if vaccinated, became infected, while only 4,891 became infected and were unvaccinated, all probably always due to the Delta variant. In proportion, those who end up in emergency are a tenth of the amount of infected but the statistics again prove in favor of the unvaccinated: the ratio is about 4 vaccinated in emergency against an unvaccinated. And we always talk about over 50.

Accounting for the deceased with the same age instead (in proportion one 48th with respect to the total number of infected people) always argues in favor of the unvaccinated: if 1076 are the deceased vaccinated, there are 318 unvaccinated.

A surprising result. The unexpected data is questioning UK scientists who are always very pragmatic and unwilling to take biased interventions.

The Israeli figure seems to go in the same direction. On average, out of 500 hospitalized people, about 60% have been vaccinated. There has also been a massive vaccination campaign in Israel. But the experts justify the figure Israeli claiming that the concomitance of several factors leads to this unexpected result: the majority of people in the country are vaccinated (compared to unvaccinated), to do so are mainly elderly, therefore more at risk, the vaccine does not immunize 100% and affects those who it is more fragile and in old age. Hence the 60% above.

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On the other hand, the discourse on the United Kingdom appears different and more complex if, without ideological preconceptions, one reads the numbers. The Delta variant, dominant in the country, could be the cause of the unexpected numbers, ie that 89% of the infected are also vaccinated. The Delta variant in some cases bypasses the vaccine. The practice in the United Kingdom of considering vaccinated those who have taken a single dose (Pfizer or Astrazeneca) may also have had an incidence, evaluating the number of antibodies produced by this as sufficient for protection. But as we know, many experts consider a single dose as not sufficient to immunize the subject.

In these hours, the United Kingdom reports 174 deaths from Covid, the highest since last March 12 and another 30,838 new positives. 31,914 new infections and 40 deaths were reported on Monday. 88% of the adult population received one dose of the vaccine while 77% received both doses. A significant fact knowing that the UK lifted almost all of its restrictions in mid-July, allowing people to socialize, travel and return to work in offices.

If many still wear masks and working from their homes, daily infection rates have risen anyway. Suffice it to say that the number of daily cases in the last 7 days increased by 13.5% compared to the previous week.

The deceased has risen to 705 in the past week, with an 8.8% increase in the mortality rate compared to the previous one. The death rate in the UK is calculated in relation to those people who have died after testing positive for Covid-19 in the past 28 days.

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However, we are talking about small numbers if we think that during the peak of the pandemic over 1,000 deaths a day were reported.

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