UK: The heatwave continues. New alerts have been issued

This year’s heat record was again set at London Heathrow airport, where thermometers showed 32.2 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. In the same place on Sunday, 31.6 degrees Celsius was recorded. However, meteorologists predict that Thursday in some parts of the UK the temperature will reach 33 degrees, which is higher than in popular holiday destinations in southern Europe such as Marbella, Mykonos and Tenerife.

Due to the sustained high temperatures, the Met Office issued a second Extreme Heat Warning on Tuesday. It applies to Northern Ireland and is valid from Wednesday morning until midnight from Friday to Saturday. It was 31.2 degrees Celsius in Northern Ireland on Saturday, the highest temperature ever recorded there. On Monday, a similar warning – valid until midnight Thursday through Friday – was issued for all of South West England, parts of South and Central England and much of Wales.

These are the first two such warnings in history. The Met Office introduced them in early June to warn of the potential health effects of heat waves. It follows a situation in last summer, when England experienced the highest number of deaths in the history of heatwaves. According to the government agency Public Health England, 2,256 people more died during this period than the several-year average.

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