UK weather forecast: FLOODING and POWER CUTS expected as storm for BATTER nation


The yellow weather warnings in place in all four countries also imply short-term power losses and other services are expected this afternoon and transport delays. Warnings were issued for Wales and flood warnings in other parts of the United Kingdom. Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: "We have warnings in force: parts of Wales, south-west England of Northern England.

"And across Scotland, especially in the hills, while that rain continues to make its way.

"Do not reach parts of the east coast until late in the evening, but for many peak hours on Friday nights it will not be very pleasant.

"It will be wet and it will be windy.

"A lot of splashes, lots of surface water on the roads and those winds that could reach 40 miles at the time, maybe 50 miles in the hinterland, and around the coast we could see winds up to 60 miles per hour, accompanied by high waves that could bring some coastal flooding ".

The Met Office stated that immediate action is needed in Haverfordwest, Middle Hill, Solva and Quayside in Wales.

Another 11 flood warnings were problems.

The meteorological front begins as an area of ​​low pressure deepening west of the British Isles before moving eastward and forming a north-south rain band.

The four main areas of adverse weather will hit Wales and southwestern England, Northern Ireland and two patches in Scotland.

Spraying and flooding on the roads are expected to make travel times longer, with some delays for rail, air and sea transport.

Probably there will also be delays for large vehicles on exposed paths and bridges.

However, Mr. Deakin said the temperatures will not be too bad, as the wind is coming from the south, so it will not be too cold.

He added: "Although, of course, it will feel colder due to the strength of the wind and rain, which continues to make its way through the afternoon and evening".


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