UK Will Give Place to Stay Myanmar Ambassador Fired by Junta

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

English offers residency for former ambassadors Myanmar in London, Kyaw Zwar Minn, who was fired by the military junta and expelled from the embassy.

Zwar Minn reportedly met with the British Foreign Minister for Asia, Nigel Adams, shortly after the Myanmar military junta said it had fired him and asked Britain not to recognize him as its ambassador.

“I respect his courage and patriotism. We will support him to ensure his safety and security in Britain,” Adams said via Twitter on Thursday (8/4).

Zwar Minn was fired by Myanmar’s military junta shortly after he was locked from the outside so he could not enter the embassy building on Wednesday (7/4).

Zwar Minn’s position was ‘couched’ by the Myanmar military for claiming to support the civilian government led by Aung San Suu Kyi, which was overthrown on February 1.

Four diplomatic sources with knowledge of the matter said that the Myanmar military junta had appointed deputy ambassador Chit Win to take over the ambassador seat.

Not allowed to enter the embassy, ​​Zwar Minn was forced to sleep in his car when Myanmar military anti-junta demonstrators rallied in front of the Myanmar embassy.

“Given Mr Minn’s bullying behavior, we are trying to ensure he can live safely in the UK while deciding what to do next,” said a spokesman for the UK Foreign Ministry.

“We continue to urge the coup in Myanmar to end and to restore democracy immediately.”

Zwar Minn has asked Britain for help stating that he could possibly die if he returned to Myanmar.

Reported AFP, when asked if he would be killed if he agreed to the military leadership’s demands for him to return to his hometown, Zwar Minn replied “who knows?”

In a letter to the British Foreign Ministry, the Myanmar military junta appointed Deputy Ambassador Chit Win to be the power of attorney starting Wednesday (7/4) yesterday.

Zwar Minn is one of Myanmar’s diplomats who opposed the military junta. He has even severed ties with the ruling junta in the last two months.

Zwar Minn has called on the international community to help restore democracy in Myanmar. He also urged Britain not to recognize Chit Win as the Myanmar ambassador in London.

(CNN Indonesia / Basith Subastian)

However, a British government official said London had no other choice but to agree with the Myanmar military junta’s decision on Zwar Minn as it was in line with diplomatic policy.


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