Ukraine affair: US diplomat heavy burden Trump

William Taylor

According to former US ambassador to Kiev, William Taylor, Trump held back US military aid for Ukraine to inflict potential damage on Joe Biden.

(Photo: AP)

Washington US President Donald Trump is under increasing pressure in the Ukraine affair. According to former US ambassador to Kiev, William Taylor, Trump has withheld US military aid for Ukraine in order to inflict potential damage on his political rival Joe Biden. This is clear from Taylor's inaugural statement at a confidential Wednesday congressional hearing published by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Trump demanded that Taylor's President Volodymyr Selenski declare that he is ordering an investigation into Biden's son Hunter. Hunter Biden was a board member of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma until April this year. Trump insists that there was no "quid pro quo" – that is, no requirement for Selenski to initiate investigations into Hunter Biden in exchange for US military aid.

From Taylor's statements it appears that Trump wanted to achieve that Selenski announces such investigations publicly. "Everything" is dependent on a public announcement, said the US ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, Taylor in a telephone call: Not only a planned visit Selenski's in the White House, but also the release of the frozen military aid to Ukraine.

Taylor said he learned on July 18 that nearly $ 400 million in military aid will be withheld from Trump. On 8 September, Sondland told him that Selensky had agreed to make a public announcement in an interview with US broadcaster CNN. On September 11, he – Taylor – then learned that the military aid had been released. He urgently advised Selenski's close associates against the planned CNN interview.

Because of the Ukraine affair, the opposition Democrats seek impeachment Trump. Joe Biden is among the most promising candidates for the presidential candidacy of the Democrats in the November 2020 election. Republican Trump stands for re-election.

More: US prosecutors are investigating whether the US President's lawyer has violated laws in the Ukraine affair. Giuliani rejects the allegations.

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