Ukraine claims to have killed the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

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The Ukrainian Special Forces reported that the Admiral Viktor Sokolovcommander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, died in the Ukrainian attack last week against fleet headquarters in the port of Sevastopolin Crimea.

The Ukrainian army claims that Friday’s attack was aimed at a leaders meeting of the Russian Navy in the city of Sevastopol. There “34 officers died, including the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Another 105 occupants were injured. The headquarters building cannot be restored,” the special forces say in a statement.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has neither confirmed nor denied that Sokolov was killed in the attack in Crimea. After the explosions, the Russian Defense Department said that a Russian serviceman had been killed, but later clarified that it was considered missing.

It is also not clear where The Ukrainian Special Forces have determined the number of dead and wounded in the attack. Each side frequently exaggerates enemy losses and says little about its own casualties.

What is known for sure is that at least one Ukrainian missile hit the target in Sevastopol. Officials appointed by Russia to manage Crimea confirmed the Ukrainian attack on Friday and images of the damaged building amid a plume of smoke appeared on social media.

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