Ukraine, definitive go-ahead to the decree on Italian weapons in Kiev: only M5s, Verdi-Left and Ciani of the Democratic Party are against

The Camera approves the Ukrainian decree, which extends until December 31, 2023 sending Italian weapons to Kiev. The definitive go-ahead to the text came with 215 votes please and 46 against: Action-Italy Viva and the Pd they voted with the center-right majority, with the exception of the dem deputy Paul Ciani. The only ones to voteno” it was M5s and Avs, the Green-Left alliance. In particular, the text extends until the end of the year the authorization for the transfer of material means and military equipment to the government authorities of Ukraine, already envisaged, until 31 December 2022. The authorization is granted “in the terms and with the methods” established in the aforementioned legislation, and “subject to the address of the Chambers”.

So far, with as many ministerial decrees, there have been in 2022 five arms shipments and in recent days in an interview with Corriere della Sera Minister Tajani explained that it is being prepared “the sixth package“, in which there should be i Samp-T surface-to-air missilesof Italian-French manufacture, “essential for air defense of Ukraine to shoot down Russian missiles and drones supplied by Iran” but also “other actions to which we work confidentially”. “The sixth decree will exist and I think it will be shared by almost the entire Parliament, it will give the Ukrainians the possibility to defend themselves against attacks planes“, assured the defense minister, Guido Crosetti.

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No hesitation therefore in the majority, albeit with the distinctions of Come on Italy e Lega. On the other hand, the tension between the opposition benches is high, with the 5 stars primarily on the barricades against any shipment of arms. “The logic of military support a bitternesstaken to its extreme consequences, could soon lead us to no longer talk about sending arms, but sending troopsthen to a involvement direct of NATO”, said the deputy Marco Pellegrini, group leader of the 5 Star Movement in the Defense Commission in the Chamber, speaking in the courtroom in the explanation of vote. “What will we do when Zelensky asks us not only for weapons but also for men? AND’ hypocritical who speaks of peace and, at the same time, marries the way dell’escalation military. Tell the truth to the citizens: Italy and Europe they are going to war. Have the courage to say it, don’t hide behind a finger ”, Pellegrini attacked.

With the definitive ok to the Dl Ukraine “until 31 December 2023 the government is authorized to send weapons and does so with decrees that they do not pass by the Chamber. We simply asked that every time the government decides to send arms, it goes through Parliament. Pure parliamentary democracy, rejected“, dice all’AdnKronos Nicola Fratoianninational secretary of the Italian Left and deputy of the Green-Left Alliance who had presented an amendment, identical to that of the M5S (both rejected), which provided that “for the purposes of each single authorization concerning the shipment of arms, the government makes preventive communications to the chambers”. “We voted against this decree which delegates the government, as we did in the past – adds Fratoianni – now there remains the parliamentary battle and the pacifist initiatives outside the halls of Parliament”. Opinion negative also on the agenda which called for the government to commit to verifying that the shipment of the weapons passes exclusively for government authorities and not for intermediaries“given that Interpol has been reporting for months that an important part of military supplies is running out on black market. The government – ​​concludes Fratoianni – said ‘we already do it with the allies, so we give the opposite opinion’. A folly because if you commit to doing that thing then give a positive opinion”.

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I to the they have voted compact in favor of the decree. The only vote against that of Paul Ciani by Demos. Among those who did not participate in the vote Arturo Scott (who anticipated his opposition to today’s dl in an intervention on Everyday occurrence) e Nico Stump. While the others of Article One – Roberto Speranza, Federico Fornaro and Cecilia Guerra – voted in favour. Also Laura Boldrini among non-voters.

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