Ukraine denounces that Russia plants mines in critical infrastructure east of the Dnieper River

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Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) denounced this Tuesday that the Russian occupation forces are sowing explosive mines “near gas regulation stations, electrical substations and critical infrastructure objects” in the occupied part of the province Khersonin the south of Ukraine.

“These actions of the occupiers indicate their probable intention to destroy elements of critical infrastructure when they have to withdraw,” adds the brief note from the Ukrainian GUR.

Russian military bloggers and independent analysts who follow the war have been reporting for weeks the presence of Ukrainian troops on the eastern shore of the Dnieper riverwhich divides the province of Jershon in two.

The western bank is controlled by kyiv and the eastern bank by Russiabut Ukraine would have managed to establish a military presence on the other side of the river, according to these sources. kyiv has, for the moment, avoided officially confirming this information.

Just this Monday, an advisor close to the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army Valery Zaluzhnithe oldest Guennadi Chastiakovdied from the explosion of a grenade that he had received as a birthday gift, the Minister of the Interior announced.

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