Ukraine denounces the largest Russian attack since the beginning of the year after the bombing of more than 100 towns in 24 hours

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Ukraine announced this Wednesday that Russia has bombed more than 100 locations in the last 24 hoursthe largest number in a single attack this year.

Since they began their offensive in February 2022, Russian forces have fired millions of artillery shells on the Ukrainian cities and towns located near the frontleaving several in ruins in the east of the country.

“In the last 24 hours, the enemy has bombed 118 towns in ten regions,” Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klimenko said in a message posted on social networks.

“This is the largest number of cities and towns to suffer an attack since the beginning of the year,” he adds.

A Russian attack on an oil refinery in Kremenchuk (center) has left no victims but has required the action of more than a hundred firefighters to fight the resulting fire for several hours, according to Klimenko.

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