Ukraine orders the evacuation of civilians from Kupiansk before the advance of Russia

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The Ukrainian authorities on Thursday called evacuate civilians from Kupiansk and other towns in the Kharkov region (northeast) before the advance of Russian troops that launched an offensive towards positions that kyiv had recaptured in September.

“Taking into account the difficult security situation and the increase in shelling (…), they have the possibility of being evacuated to a safer place,” the Kupiansk authorities said on Telegram.

The inhabitants can resettle in the city of Kharkov, some 90 kilometers to the west, from where they can be evacuated to safer regions. “Do not neglect your safety or that of your loved ones”added the Ukrainian authorities.

The Ukrainian army indicated in the afternoon that “the situation remains difficult, but remains under control.”

“The Russians are trying to impose themselves and penetrate our defenses,” the spokesman for the Ukrainian army in the eastern sector of the front added on Telegram.

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