Ukraine prepares for the second winter of war with snow, cold and mice

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Near the eastern front of the ukrainian war, the soldier Dmytro shows how a mouse pokes its snout through the hole in the small underground lair where it will spend the winter. “I don’t remember seeing so many mice last winter, this year there are many,” says the 36-year-old soldier, in charge of driving and loading a BM-21 GRAD multiple rocket launcher.

Your unit is parked near Bajmutone of the most active fronts of the war after 21 months of Russian invasion.

The shelter, built in a forest and barely 20 m2, has bunk beds, a kitchen and a small heater that runs on diesel. There is also electricity thanks to the vehicle’s batteries. The temperature inside is about 20 degrees, compared to around zero outside, with gray skies and damp cold.

And on Sunday night the first flakes of snow fell snow, a sign that winter has already arrived. It will be the second consecutive time at the front for Dmytro and his comrades.

The first one was rough, but since then they have learned to organize themselves better, especially with the heating installation.

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