Ukraine repels dozens of attacks and Russia prepares a new massive assault on Avdivka

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Ukraine has repelled dozens of enemy attacks along the entire front during the past 24 hours, while Russia finishes regrouping its troops in the area of Avdivka (eastern Donetsk province) to launch another wave of massive attacks and advance towards their objective of surrounding the town.

According to today’s report from the kyiv General Staff, Russia yesterday launched 10 unsuccessful attacks in the area of Kúpiansk (northeast), another 15 next to Bakhmut, seven around Avdivka and more than 20 in the Márinka axis (east).

Russian forces also attacked without success, according to kyiv, in the Staromaiorske area, in the southwestern part of Donetsk, which borders the neighboring province of Zaporizhzhia.

Two independent institutions that follow the course of the conflict, the US Institute for the Study of War and the Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies, have reported modest Russian advances near Kupiansk and near Avdivka.

Both entities foresee a new wave of massive attacks and assault operations by Russia in the Avdivka area after Kremlin forces have completed their regrouping.

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