Ukraine Russia Online: Russian oil gets a ceiling, Moscow threatens not to export

US intelligence services expect a reduced pace of fighting in Ukraine over the next few months. At the same time, they see no evidence of a reduced will of Ukrainians to resist the Russian invasion, despite Moscow’s attacks on critical infrastructure.

“Already we are seeing some reduction in the pace of the conflict (…) and we expect that this will probably continue in the coming months,” Director of the Office of US Intelligence (DNI) Avril Haines said at a security forum in California. According to her, both the Ukrainian and Russian armies will now try to recover and replenish supplies so that they will be ready for a new offensive after the end of winter. According to her, Ukraine will be able to implement this rather than Russia.

When asked about the impact of Russian attacks on the Ukrainian energy grid and other civilian infrastructure, Haines answered that Moscow’s goal is to partially undermine the Ukrainians’ will to resist. “I don’t think we have any evidence at this point that she was undermined,” she added. However, she admitted that the Ukrainian economy is suffering greatly as a result of the attacks, which may eventually affect the country’s ability to face a Russian invasion.

Haines went on to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s political goals regarding Ukraine appear to have not changed. But U.S. analysts believe he may be willing to scale back his short-term military goals in order to return to political ones later.

According to US intelligence, Russia is currently consuming military supplies faster than it can produce them, and therefore is trying to get them abroad. The US is aware that a small amount of ammunition has already been provided by North Korea, Haines said. Moscow is also asking Iran for additional means for precision strikes from the air, which it called “extremely worrying”. (ČTK)

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