Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | Lavrov accuses the West of fighting "daily" against Russia in Ukraine

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Russia believes that Western powers, by supporting Ukrainehave entered into direct war against Moscow. This has been stated in recent hours by the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov. “You can call it what you want, but they are fighting against us, they are fighting directly against us, we call it hybrid war, but that does not change things,” Lavrov said at a press conference after speaking on the platform of the United Nations General Assembly. United.

Thus, Lavrov has also recalled the billions of dollars in weapons that the West has provided to kyiv to fight in the war in ukraineas well as the support of the American and British intelligence services in the conflict.

Lavrov made these statements coinciding with kyiv’s announcement that it claimed to have killed Russian military leaders in the Crimean peninsula. According to the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kirilo Budanov, nine people were killed in the attack, including several generals.

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