Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | The G7 reaffirms its support for kyiv and the maintenance of sanctions against Moscow

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The ukrainian war It continues to be of great concern to world leaders despite the fact that the focus during the last month has been on the Middle East. Today, the G7 Foreign Ministers reaffirmed their support and “unity” regarding Ukraine and said they will continue to implement “strict” sanctions against Russia.

“As tensions rise in the Middle East, it is important that the G7 is united to send a clear message to the international community that our strong commitment to supporting Ukraine will never falter,” Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa said at the start of the meeting.

As a result of the talks, G7 foreign ministers said they will remain united in their stance on imposing tough sanctions against Russia and provide strong support to Ukraine“even in the current international situation,” according to the Japanese presidency in a statement.

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