Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | The US says its ATACMS missiles "will promote" Ukraine’s military capabilities

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Ukraine has used for the first time American ATACMS missiles in an attack in the zone occupied by Russia in which it destroyed nine enemy helicopters. The United States never confirmed having sent them.

After 601 days of war in Ukraine, the Russian parliament (Duma) approves, in first reading, the revocation of the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty thereby sending a “message” to the United States for its “irresponsible attitude” towards global security.

While Russia President Vladimir Putin moves towards revoking the treaty that prohibits nuclear testsis already found in Beijing, to meet tomorrow Wednesday with his “dear friend” Xi Jinping.

The Russian Army continues to try surround Ukrainian troops in the town of Avdivkain the eastern province of Donetsk, an area of ​​​​the front where kyiv troops repelled “more than ten enemy attacks.”

Russian forces intend break through the Ukrainian defenses in the northeastern area of Kupiansk-Lymanwhere they have “significantly intensified” the battles.

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