Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | Ukraine calls for extreme resistance and Russia advances in Avdivka

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A Russian bombing killed two Ukrainian drivers this morning when it hit a private transport company in the city of Khersonin the south of the country, reported today the head of the Military Administration of the area, Oleksandr Prokudin.

Ukraine warned that enemy attacks on infrastructure are capable of causing a lot of damage in winter and asked citizens to exercise extreme resistance despite the difficulties and fatigue, while Russia makes moderate progress in Avdivka, in the East.

Kherson is the capital of the homonymous province in the south of the country, which is divided in two by the Dnieper River. The western bank is controlled by the kyiv government, while the left bank is dominated by Russia.

Ukrainian troops have managed in recent weeks to cross the river and establish positions on the eastern bank. kyiv is trying to expand this presence to draw the Russians away from the river and make it more difficult for the Russians to attack the other bank of the river.

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