Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | Ukraine destroys a "base" of Russian drone operators in occupied territory

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed this Monday a “base” located in a town in the Oblast of Donetskin the east of Ukrainefrom which the Russian military operated unmanned devices, the kyiv Army reported today on one of its Telegram channels.

“During the morning of September 11, the Armed Forces of Ukraine They hit the occupiers’ drone base in the town of Luganskein the Donetsk oblast,” says the message, which is accompanied by a video, apparently recorded by a Ukrainian drone, showing the moment of the explosion.

The detonation occurs in a house with a patio through which men dressed as military personnel can be seen walking.

Meanwhile, the Azov regiment announced last night the destruction, with artillery and anti-tank systems, of 5 Russian infantry vehicles. A video published by the regiment on Telegram shows the projectile impacts that destroyed the Russian mechanized armor.

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