Ukraine simplifies quality checks on new weapons to speed up supplies to troops

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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has simplified the quality controls required of weapons manufacturers to speed up the process of supplying military equipment to the Army.

“We have cancelled the excessive tests of weapons that are not related to the confirmation of their combat capability,” Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Gavriliuk explained in a statement. According to Gavriliuk, the Ministry has also “reduced the number of tests” required during the production process, with the aim of facilitating “the supply of weapons and equipment to the troops.”

With the new regulations, weapons manufacturers will not, for example, have to subject their products to the between six months and one year which was required until now to ensure that they could be stored safely and without being affected by climatic variations.

The changes took effect on November 1. Ukraine has been marked as a priority redouble own production of weapons to reduce, in the long term, its dependence on military aid from its partners.

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