Ukraine uses US ATACMS missiles for the first time and says it has destroyed 9 Russian helicopters

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The expected ones American long-range ATACMS missiles have been the weapon used by Ukraine to destroy last night 9 Russian helicopters and other equipment military in two city airfields occupied Berdiansk. Ukrainian deputy Oleksí Goncharenko has assured and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has confirmed.

“Yes. My sources confirm it,” said the opposition legislator via WhatsApp when asked about the message in this regard that he had published on the social network X. Goncharenko explained that the Lugansk airfield was also hit with ATACMS. The attacks would have caused numerous Russian casualties.

Goncharenko has published on his account photos with remains of these missiles supposedly released by Russian sources that made reference to the two attacks.

The ATACMS are already with us. The Berdiansk airfield and enemy equipment were hit with them,” the parliamentarian wrote on his X social network account.

He President Zelenskifor its part, expressed special thanks to the United States in its usual speech: “Special thanks to the United States. Our agreements with President Biden are being implemented. They are executed in a very precise way: the ATACMS have passed the test,” Zelensky said.

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