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Ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada noted that after the closure of Russian companies, thousands of Ukrainians will lose their jobs

The former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anna GermanThe former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anna German

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Implications of the imposition of sanctions on Russian business Ukraine it mainly reflects on the Ukrainians. This opinion was expressed by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anna Herman on the television channel "112 Ukraine", commenting on the statement by the Attorney General of the Republic Yuri Lutsenko.

"For those Russian companies that work in Ukraine, they do not take people from the Kremlin to work, but they take locals – these people work there – that's all – for me, the question is such that it's better for people, not so much for show how anti-Russian we are. "- Herman said.

He asked to attract "any type of investors in the republic", since "money has no borders" and investments in the economy of Ukraine are working in the country. The sanctions that will force the Russians to reduce business will result in the loss of thousands of jobs.

"I understand that the main slogan of this election campaign is" Off from " Moscow"(the campaign slogan Poroshenko), but I would like the main slogan to be "far from need", far from poverty, far from the humiliation of the authorities. "

As said site, it became known that Lutsenko had sent a letter to the president of Petro Poroshenko and the secretary NSDC Alexander Turchinov with the proposal to introduce "to individuals and legal entities RF personal, special economic and other restrictive measures "to" end the conduct of Russian companies in the country ".

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